Role Of The Mediator

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Role of the Mediator

Kelly Stanford offers Family Law Mediation and Arbitration online and in person at  Goulburn, Bega, Batemans Bay, and Oran Park.

Kelly and the team of Mediators at Aspire Mediation are all specialised Family Law Mediators, known as Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners or “FDRP’s” and they are authorised by the Commonwealth Attorney-General to conduct specialised Family Dispute Resolution mediation known as “FDR”. 

As an FDRP our mediators are specifically trained to deal with the complex needs of families following separation. The role of your Mediator is to facilitate discussion between you both and to ensure that we all remain future-focused and not dwell too long on the past. 

While the past is important it is our future relationship with each other and our children that is important.

In matters involving the division of property following separation, the role of the mediator is to explore what the financial options would look like for each of you.

Our role is to facilitate a discussion between you that is focused on the future.  This approach will enable communication, negotiation, and a settlement to occur without the need for the additional emotional strain or either of you incurring legal fees going to Court.