Benefits of Mediation

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What Is The Benefit Of Attending Mediation Or Family Dispute Resolution?

Kelly Stanford offers Family Law Mediation in person at Oran Park, Batemans Bay, and Bega or via telephone or via video, or at any other location in Australia.


During mediation the focus is on the future and what this new “normal” will look like for your family. Separation means big changes for all of you, the adults and the children and extended family such as grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

Together with Kelly’s assistance you will be able to make the decisions about the time that you children spend with each of you, what school they will attend, what sports, music or dance or art they will participate in.

Parties who attend and participate actively in Mediation or Family Dispute Resolution are highly likely to reach an agreement. Over 90% of parties that participate in this process reach an agreement. Out of the 5% to 10% of parties that commence proceedings in Court only a small percentage of those will actually end up at a final hearing before a Judge.

The biggest benefit of participating in Family Dispute Resolution or Family Law Mediation is that both of you control the outcome. This sends a big message to your children and extended family. The message is clear. You may be separated and living separately but you are parenting together.


The focus during mediations involving property disputes is the same as parenting, it is the future and what this new “normal” will look like for you. There is no doubt that after separation your lifestyle will change. It is much more expensive to run two households than one. Things that were normal may now be luxuries for you and those who share your household.

Kelly will work with you both during the mediation to help you decide what your new “normal” will look like. How the two of you share your assets and liabilities will be your decision, but with the help of Kelly and your lawyers, your future focused mediation will help you work that out.
We will discuss your options, your lawyers will advise you of how a Court would look at your case and the ranges of adjustments to your interests in property that are available to a Court.

Courts are limited by the Family Law Act. You are not. You are able to be creative in how you share your assets and liabilities. This is the biggest advantage to participating in Mediation.