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Can We Help You Escape The Family Law System And Resolve Your Dispute?

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Aspire Mediation & Arbitration

Kelly Stanford offers Family Law Mediation and Arbitration in person at Oran Park.  Kelly Stanford is an impartial, neutral third party that is there to assist parties with reaching a resolution of disputes without the need to go to Court.

Our focus on Family Law Mediation and Arbitration means that Kelly is experienced at finding solutions tailored to each family. 

Mediation and Family Dispute Resolution

Family law Mediation can involve both child custody arrangements and property settlements.


Family Law Arbitration is available to families with property disputes only who are wishing to avoid court or exit the Family Law Court system.

Parenting Coordination

Kelly is also able to help those parents who are currently experiencing difficulties implementing their interim orders or transitioning to final orders.  Parenting coordination is a fairly new concept in Australia, however it is proving quite sucessful as a means for parents to work with an independent 3rd party, the parenting coordinator, on a regular basis to work together step by step through the process. 

A parenting coordinator can be appointed by the Court by consent of both parties.

In our experience we have only had positive feedback from the parents currently using Kelly for this purpose.  They find her no nonsence, straight forward approach a real asset to help them be heard and move through the difficult phase of their new parenting arrangments.  The meetings are usually held monthly and via Zoom and last 90 minutes.  Let one of our team know if you would like some more information on this service.